How this works

Our mission is very simple! We want to help organisations save more money on their IT and software purchases. Alot more money! That is why we have have built a members only community site, where members anonymously share with other members what prices they have been quoted on IT and software.

Who is intended for? Have you every bought IT or software and wondered after the purchase if you could have gotten a better price and better terms? Or are you about to renew your license agreements and wonder if you might be able to get a better deal? Or maybe you are new to purchasing IT do now know where to begin your price negotiation. Then is intended for you!

Why should I sign up today? Imagine knowing what prices and terms IT vendors have agreed to before you go to the negotiation table. Imagine knowing that you can get an extra 5%, 10%, 15%, 30%, 50% discount or even more than you have originally thought. What sort of savings would that mean for your business? Our database consists of quotes from members that at are maximum 2 years old, so you can be assured to get some recent prices.

How do I become a member? Becoming a member is simple, convenient and rewarding! Simply go to the the Sign Up page and register. Remember, the more quotes you send us when registering, the more information from our database you will get access to.

  • Bronze membership = 1 quote
  • Silver membership = 2 quotes
  • Gold membership = 3 quote
  • Diamond membership = 4 quotes

When you have submitted your quote/s to us, a member of our customer onboarding team will look over your request and give you access to our database with information about the IT & Software products you are interested in saving money on.

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